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Poems for 25th wedding anniversary

Every-day language seems inadequate for special occasions like silver weddings, births and baptisms! However, poetry can express beautifully just what is in our hearts. For well-wishers looking for something highly original, we can provide very special congratulatory cards designed for silver weddings.

Poems that will make happy couples laugh out loud; poems that will remind them of the time they first courted; or the hard times in between which they overcame with such fortitude thanks to the strength of their relationship. Whatever made a marriage strong, happy and enduring, here you can find greeting cards with poems that strike just the right note for the silver wedding you and your family or friends are about to celebrate. Poets may choose to create their own texts and create a template for the future, but we can supply poems that are exclusively written for this website and won't be available anywhere else.

Poems about love and marriage:

To both of you, each other's silver lining.

An anniversary waltz that has lasted,
Where the music shows no sign of stopping.

So listen as I ring out a joyous cacophony of congratulations.

Twenty five years ago
Wedding bells rang.

On that day you exchanged rings that locked your hearts together.
There was so much joy.

May your love continue to grow
May you have many more happy years together.

On this your silver wedding day
I'll raise a glass to you for showing us how it is done.
You are a fabulous couple, so deserving of each other,
And clearly much in love.

Twenty five years of married bliss
You met at the altar and sealed with a kiss
I can't think of two people more in love
More perfect in flight than a porcelain dove

Here's to the last and to the next too
To another twenty five years for you
Some years may be worse and some may be better
But I know you'll always get through them together

To my friends, my inspiration, my family
You will forever be a goal I aspire to
Whether you're near to or far from me
I know I can always rely on you

You've shown us and all what true love is
You've never ceased to be something amazing
You're a true example of married bliss
You're love is a remarkable thing

Twenty five years and still going strong
We knew you were right we knew all along
For your Silver Anniversary we all wish you well
You're perfect together as we all can tell

You've shown through the years just how it is done
You've keep each other happy and forever young
I know that the next twenty five will be bliss
If anyone can do it it will be you who do this

To mum and dad:

Oh, Mum and Dad, you’ve done it
Twenty-five years of marriage
In the parent lottery, we’ve won it
Your great love can help cross any bridge!

Congratulations on your silver anniversary
Twenty-five years since you said ‘No-one else for me’!
Twenty-five years gone by
When you’re so in love, time does fly!

Twenty-five years, mum and dad
Think of all the fun you’ve had.
All the tears, sad and mad
Suddenly don’t seem so very bad!

Well done and congratulations to you
Twenty-five years gone by in a blink
Through kisses and quarrels and teenagers too
But it’s all been worth it, I think!

Twenty-five years is one heck of a run
Well done to you, and keep it nifty
You’re now completely half-way done
To the next big goal: gold at fifty!

Twenty-five years, a silver wedding
Twenty-five years, life on a good heading
Twenty-five years, with the love of your life
Twenty-five years, as husband and wife!

Congratulations are much in order
To you both, this silver day
Twenty-five years doing what you ought to
Showing other lovers the way!

Twenty five years of wedded bliss
Tell us your secret, do;
Of how you have both managed this.
We really want to know!

You are both my true inspiration
So here’s my deep congratulation
For reaching this great silver station
An anniversary sensation!

Lots of love to our dearest friends
On this fine and auspicious day
Your silver wedding anniversary
Twenty-five years: well done, we say!