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Traditional & formal greetings to the silver wedding anniversary

Finding the right tone to express best wishes for a silver wedding anniversary can be a challenge when you're a distant relative, neighbour, boss or colleague of the happy couple and not an intimate friend or immediate family member. Highly emotional card texts, jokes, beautiful poems or slightly ironic references to past events in the couple's lives seem unsuitable for such an occasion.

Formal and traditional silver wedding greeting card texts strike just the right note of congratulations, as they express a modicum of respect and admiration for the strength of the couple's relationship without going over the top emotionally. Here you can find inspiration for traditional greetings for silver weddings; you can also create a template for all your future silver wedding greetings. You don't have to worry about somebody else sending the same card - these texts are exclusively written for this website and won't appear anywhere else.

Examples for traditional anniversary texts:

Congratulations on such a worthy occasion. Happy 25th Anniversary, knowing how far you have come together and that you are just as strong, if not stronger. All the best for the future.

Congratulations on a joyous moment in your life. 25 years of marriage is something extra special and with that I hope this day is equally that special too. Happy Anniversary and best wishes for all the years to come.

After 25 years of love, you know it is meant to last and always will. Happy Silver Anniversary and good luck for all the future.

Few people know that the wedding ring is round, because it represents eternity. After 25 years, you don’t need a ring to show you that’s how long true love lasts. Happy Anniversary and best wishes.

Many congratulations on this very special anniversary; may it bring joy, laughter and celebration to both of you. Let it be the start of another twenty five years of happiness, companionship and shared love and affection for each other.

On this special day, celebrating twenty five years of marriage, may you experience together all the joys and fulfilment of a long and happy union. Let it be the start of another happy and prosperous quarter of a century of love and wedded bliss.

Here is to you, the happy couple, celebrating twenty five years of joy and happiness with your family around you. May you reap the rewards of your dedication to each other and celebrate each other’s love and affection for many more years to come.

Here is wishing you every happiness on this special day, celebrating twenty five years of your dedication and love for one another. May you continue to prosper and flourish as you grow in peace and harmony together for another quarter of a century.