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Funny texts for silver wedding

Silver weddings are happy events involving the whole family and the couple's circle of close friends. Naturally, friends and family wish to send cards to congratulate, but choosing card texts that strike just the right balance can be a challenge. Funny congratulations card texts range from favourite family jokes to gently ironic references to past events in the couples' lives. Immediate family members and close friends will this quite easy to create, but neighbours, colleagues or the couple's boss may struggle to find the right words.

Silver weddings may not be as solemn and serious an occasion as the actual wedding day was, but some couples use 25th anniversaries to renew their wows, so humorous congratulatory card texts should still reflect how special the occasion is. Design your own template or choose one of our exclusively written funny card texts. All our cards are unique and won't appear anywhere else.

Ideas for the funniest & best wishes:

Congratulations on your Silver anniversary. I suppose everything can have a silver lining technically. Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary with 25 years of marriage. But, have you realised…..Your 25 years older too? Congratulations and all the best for the future.

After 25 years, it has finally happened. Man has learned the most important thing to surviving. The wife is always right…. Happy anniversary and best wishes for all the future.

For this special 25th anniversary, all that needs to be said are 3 extra special words to show how much you mean to me…..What’s for dinner?

Twenty five years ago, God choose to join you two together in married bliss. It seems that, even the Almighty has a sense of humour, but a quarter of a century later it is obvious that he did manage to get this one right! Have a really good day.

On your wedding day you promised to love each other for worse, for poorer and in sickness. Here is hoping that your silver wedding brings a chance to experience the better, healthy and wealthy part of the bargain! Enjoy your special day together.

On this special day, it is time to remember those marvellous moments that you have spent together – and forget all the sulking, bickering and wrangling! Have a happy and joyful Silver Wedding day!

They say that no-one knows the secret of a happy marriage. I am pleased to see that, after 25 years, you are not too sure either! Have a happy and loving day celebrating your silver wedding together.

Twenty five years of his snoring
Twenty five years of her dieting blues.

Through all the challenges your love has never faltered,
It’s great to see that since day one,
Nothing has really altered.

So brace yourselves and go for gold,
I'm sure that you can do it.

In the wedding Olympics, you are silver medalists
So why not go for gold?

Sometimes it might have seemed like a marathon I’m sure.
You have pole-vaulted your way to happiness.

Like any cox-less pair, you always pull together.
So here's to you and that gold medal.