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Inspiration for congratulatory words for your wife & husband to the 25 years wedding jubilee

If your 25th wedding anniversary is on the way, then you will want to show your love for your husband or wife in a special way. After all, you will have spent 25 years together - that just goes to show how much love and affection there is between the two of you.

You will doubtless want to give a number of gifts to your loved one - but a wishing card must surely be amongst them. Everybody appreciates a wishing card on a special occasion, and they are easy to customise so as to fully show your love.

Pick a design that you know your husband or wife will like, and address it to them in a way that will remind them just how much you love them. It will be the perfect way to mark your 25th wedding anniversary in a way that both o you will remember with warmth and fondness.

Examples for silver wedding wishes:

To my darling husband, all the shops were closed and sadly, I couldn’t find a pigeon, so text will have to do. Happy Anniversary and I’m so lucky to have you. All my love

A person who has to say I love you to his wife shows she doesn't know it. True marriage says it every day without saying a single word. Happy Anniversary.

How does a person show love? Words are used daily, but what’s it mean? After all the struggles, pain, happiness and joys of 25th years, we are still as strong as ever. That’s what love means. Knowing when I wake up each morning to start the day, you’re by my side. Thank you and happy anniversary.

They saying is take each day with a single step. Knowing each step I take you are right by my side, makes each day that all the more pleasant to wake up to. Happy Anniversary darling and I love you.

People often question fate and whether it exists or not. After 25 years, I know it does, because I am with the only man for me and to have lasted all these years, it’s a dream come true. Happy Anniversary and I love you my husband.

What is 25 years of marriage? Being with the same person for 25 years? No, it is being with that person and making them your world. Happy Anniversary and I love you my husband.

To my darling wife, a journey that started 25 years ago has left me realising one thing. That I couldn't imagine the next without you and knowing you’re by my side each day, makes me who I am today. Happy Anniversary and I love you.

To my darling wife, in 25 years I have realised just one significant thing. You are not just my wife, you are….me. You are the other half that completes me and every step taken is together. Happy anniversary and I am glad you’re walking with me, because I can promise you, it may be one hell of a ride, but it will be worth it. I love you.

Thank you, my love, for being by my side as my romantic soul mate for the last twenty five years; I know that our special relationship will continue to flourish and grow even further over the next quarter of a century.

You have cared for me tenderly, my darling, for twenty five years and I want to thank you for always being there and for loving me better than anyone else could have. I look forward to embracing the future with you by my side as my rock and inspiration.

May the next twenty five years be as blissful and happy, my love, as the last; you are the source of my joy and happiness. I will love and support you with all the devotion and dedication that you have shown me over the years.

We have lived in peace and harmony as soul mates and lovers for the last twenty five years; I cannot wait to start the next quarter of a century, and more, with you as a fixture by my side and my partner in romance.

For wife:

My darling wife
I love you!
You have been my rock,
Loved me,
Given me a reason to go on when times got tough.

You stole my heart,
Then gave me it back with yours entwined together in loving embrace.
I will love you forever.

To husband:

You are my happy memories of the past
My hope for the years to come.
I know you love me.
I read it in your eyes,
I feel it in your touch.
Through all these years you have given me so much.
A thousand kisses on our special day.