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25th anniversary wishes for parents

Writing a congratulation to your parents will be a very personal experience. It will be an occasion to look back on everything you have lived through together; everything you have to thank them for. Their 25th wedding anniversary will be a particularly significant time.

With a wishing card, you will be able to congratulate your parents on their 25th wedding anniversary in a deeply personal manner. You will be able to craft a wishing card that speaks to your parents on terms which they will appreciate.

So, if you are hoping to find the perfect way to congratulate your parents on their 25th wedding anniversary, then look no further than a wishing card. Here, you will be able to find the most beautiful wishing card and customise it so as to suit the occasion. You can be fully assured that your parents will appreciate it entirely!

What to write in a wedding anniversary card to your mum and dad?

To mum and dad
Well done!
I don’t believe you have reached it.
You are really good at married life,
I think you aught to teach it.

Two souls became one,
And then I came along,
Your ever hungry,
Ever loving son.

I could never thank you half enough
So let me say, I love you and
Have a wonderful day.

I’m proud of you mum and dad.
For seeing it through
For staying with it.

You always made time for each other,
For love to grow,
For quiet times.
Of joys that can’t be measured.
A marriage made in heaven.

I love you mum,
I love you dad,
I love you both together,
A fabulous pair.
A union blessed.
So have a big hug from me
And let's go celebrate.

Congratulations to my parents on their silver wedding day.
You made me what I am.
I'm so proud of you.
Twenty five years is something to celebrate,
To warm the heart and raise hopes.

To My Dearest Mother and Father. There are no two people more capable of having twenty five happy years together. I know there are no two people more in love and capable of another beautiful twenty five years.

Mum and Dad. You are the most wonderful couple imaginable and you've made twenty five years look like now work at all. You've always shown me what true love is and for that I'm forever grateful.

Happy silver wedding anniversary to the most loving and in love parents I could ever wish for. Here's to you for twenty five wonderful years and many, many more to come.

For showing me how to succeed in marriage for twenty five glorious years, thank you. I hope I can follow your fabulous example in the future.

Dearest Mother and Father, Just an anniversary wish for you Hoping that the next twenty five years, have an even better view

Mum and dad, you are the best and this note is just to say Thanks for all you’ve said and done, To help me on my way Your example is the best, and I wish you many more Years of happiness and love: I love you from my core.