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Silver wedding wishes for friends

Do any of your friends have a 25th wedding anniversary coming up? This will be a special time for them, and the perfect occasion for you to show your friendship by offering them heartfelt congratulations. You can do this formally, or you can do it as a bit of a joke - that will depend on the personalities of your friends and what their own individual tastes are when it comes to special occasions.

Either way, a wishing card will be a great way to get your message across. Wishing cards are easy to personalise, so no matter who your friends may be, you can count on finding a wishing card that will be just perfect for their 25th wedding anniversary.

We offer a wide range of different designs, and you will be able to customise your card even further to make sure that it suits the occasion. Get them the right wishing card for their 2th wedding anniversary, and your friends will love you even more!

What to write in a wedding anniversary card to friends

When you got married, pure and simple,
I tried to work out which one was pure and which one simple.

Joking aside though, I knew you were right for each other,
So it doesn’t surprise me you have reached your silver wedding, you lovely,
loved-up things.

So friends, the years have ebbed away.
Does she still make your heart skip a beat?
I think so!
Does he still make you all a quiver?
I bet so!
May it stay that way for years to come.
Cheers to you!

To my best friends, so proud of you for making it this far and I don't doubt you'll make it further!

I'll always remember where you started and I'm proud to be here with you at your Silver Wedding Anniversary.

How you've put up with each other this long I'll never know, it must be love!

How on earth do you give advice to the couple who've done so well over the last twenty five years. Keep doing what you do because we love you.

A rare silver wedding, Two dear friends
With all the tender years, True love ascends
A lovely silver wedding, Two of our dear friends
We hope this true love union, Never needs amends.

The silver wedding anniversary
Is not a milestone considered cursory
So let these words all fine and versary
Say to you, from me, ‘Happy Anniversary!’

Words cannot describe the feeling you inspire
In friends, and family, all
So I want to take this silver chance
To wish you A Happy Anniversary

Congratulations on this amazing day
I want to take the time to say
‘Twenty-five years: Congratulations!’
You really are an inspiration!